DIY: Toddler's Study Room

March 6, 2016

      I’ve been gushing over DIY home ideas in Pinterest but never had the guts to do them since we’re just renting out our home. Sayang naman.

     But having an active toddler and a newborn on the way, the house is starting to feel smaller and I needed to organize each person’s belongings.

     So the idea of fixing our spare “bodega” room came into mind.

     I gave myself a P5,000 budget to come up with a bookshelf, Window curtains, day bed, study table, matting and toy bins.

     Painting, wall paper and other pinterest-able furnitures was out of the picture. I need to work around a plain white wall and make do with whatever we have around the house. (I think most filipinos have this kind of room.)


     After going around the metro (mothercare, toys r us, toy kingdom, department stores, elc, hobbes and landes, mobler, ikea and other furniture stores), fitting all my requirements didnt sound feasible. Plus the fixtures I saw were too fancy. I needed something functional.

     After watching Xmen with Jayjay, I asked his opinion and ideas. Then we decided to just do it ourselves (well not technically).

     We called our in house Carpenter, Mel last Monday. He measured the area and we drove to the nearest hardware (source below)




     Instead of buying a “rod” in the department store, I opted for a simple 1 x 1 x 1 wood since I intend to insert the curtain to cover and just use plain C-hooks. Didnt want to splurge too much on the bar handles since its a rented home.

     I simply rolled up the fabric and used ribbons to hold them. pretty easy trick!


COST Breakdown

Fabric  P150 for 2 1/2 yards : P 375


Labor = P60 per panel X 3 pcs : P 180


Wood 1 x 1 x 8 : P 64


1/2 Hook = P 6 / pc x 3 pcs : P 18


Ribbon : Existing


TOTAL for Curtains:  P 637





Wood Tabla 1 x 4 x 8 = 213.50 / pc x 4 = P 854


Wood 1 x 1 x 1 = p 64 / pcs x 5 = P 320


TOTAL for Animal Zoo Cage for Stuffed Toys: P 1,174



     Wall mounting it was a great idea especially for corner walls since this area is usually a dead spot in rooms. After stacking all of Caitie’s books I realized that the shelf wasnt enough considering that Caitie is only about to turn 2 years old! For those who may want to copy this, I suggest that you maximize ALL dead spots.



Wood Tabla 1 x 4 x 8 = 213.50 / pc x 6 = P 1,280


Wood 1 x 1 x 1 = p 48 / pcs x 3 = P 144


TOTAL for Wall mounted bookshelf: P 1,424



     The house we’re renting was pretty old in style. Nobody lived in it for 10 years. The fixtures were old school and weak. It was difficult to use the drawers since they wont always break down. I dediced to remove the broken drawers and cabinet doors and replace it with a cute shower curtain.

Covered an old existing grandma chair with a jungle blanket (gift)




Stickwell to polish the sides = P 60


1 x 1 x 8 = P64


Shower Curtain = Existing (bought from Quirks Store)


TOTAL for Wall mounted bookshelf: P 124


     Since I have a few peso to spare, We decided to buy a white board + cork board and mount it on the wall on top Caitie’s table.

     And use buckets to store her crayons.



     Dismantling the Cuddle bug crib was a struggle! And we still havent figured out how to make it into a toddler bed.


     But so far, Caitie loves staying here to read.


     Miscellaneous Materials & expense used for other room purpose : Stick well, hooks, nails, other room’s curtain rods, hooks etc.

Total cost for our Toddler’s Study room project is P 3,253 + labor



Hardware: PENTAGON, Kamuning


Fabric: R & E TEXTILE, Stall No. 150 R Textile Section Kamuning Public Market, QC


Sewing Labor: ALING NENA, Kamuning Public Market, QC


Carpentry Labor: Mel, 0935 604 3592


Hope this inspires you to make your toddler room more functional and pretty without burning your wallet 🙂

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