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Father's Day

Photo by Carlo and Heidi Cecilio

I am writing this right now just in case baby Ethan pops out soon and I would be too busy to do so.

Being a father has been quite an adventure. I was never was the multi-tasker type (my wife is the superwoman of the house) but I’ve picked up this skill as I am trying to be hands-on father. Balancing family time and work has taught me a lot especially about making intentional quality time.

Aside from doing the usual daddy duties of bathing, playing, reading books, doing art, I discovered that Caitie loves it when we get to spend time with her. It boosts her confidence and I see her face light up whenever she achieves something taught to her. Enter swim class and and kindermusik! Since my wife is currently pregnant, I was the one who would accompany Caitie to these classes.

Bert Lozada Baby and Me Class

We wanted to expose Caitie already to swimming after she turned one. A friend suggested to try the Baby and Me class in Ace Water Spa in Kapitolyo. The idea of a indoor heated pool seemed ideal because my wife didn’t want Caitie to get dark. We met Coach Angelo for the first time and he seemed to know how to get kids attention. We did some simple movements in the pool while singing kids songs to help the kids get comfortable being in a big body of water. I was amazed when I saw some kids already go down and up at such a young age! I wanted for Caitie to learn that one day! So seeing that Caitie seemed to like the environment, we signed her up for the summer. Fast forward to 8 sessions after that, I saw how she was able to do monkey walks, back floats, ride a kick board, run and jump into the water, and go down and up while holding her breath. 🙂 Most importantly I loved the bonding time that we had because I would be the one to give her a bath after and we developed a routine already where she would help me put her swim wear in a plastic and the she would give me soap for the shower. She was my locker key keeper too and she would hold it dearly and not let it go. 🙂 I would put on her shoes and she would help me get mine. Everytime we came out of the lockers she would happily run to her mom and tell her what we did in the pool. These sessions were certainly worth it!

Now here are some videos of how Caitie now loves the water!

Going under! from Chestknots on Vimeo.

Kindermusik Class with Teacher Jeannie and Company

Since we organized our schedule when we will be in the studio, we freed up our wednesdays so it could be our family time. My wife looked for classes where we can enroll Caitie for the summer because we could see that she was hungry to learn things and was interested in music. We also wanted to expose her to other kids because she feels happy when other kids are around. Enter Kindermuisk! We did a trial class and boy did she like it! She learned to exercise her fine motor skills with music to stimulate her senses. She learned to dance, handles shakers, do the drums, follow instructions and interact with her classmates. Best part of it was I was there with her for all the classes. Currently we just finished the Beach Day class and it was loads of fun!

Since baby Ethan is coming very soon, we wanted to maximize the time we had with Caitie. Am sure our time will once again be changed when he comes along. It’s very encouraging to see Caitie be independent and like to do things on her own like reading or do learning activities. She can sleep on her too also now either in her room or ours. She can do phrases too like “borrow please” or ” have please”. And thank you to Lion King for helping her love singing and dancing.

I guess I’m happy to be a father. It’s tough but it’s fulfilling. I recently wrote about a recent date I had with my daughter of Instagram and I’d like to share it here again:

I got to be all alone with you today. One of our father-daughter dates. We went to the mall and you helped me push your stroller. You lighted up like a spark when you saw gymboree! You followed me around and obeyed to stay close. You learned to jump further thanks to your new friends you met at play time. I’m so proud of you. I asked you what you wanted to eat for dinner and you said beef!:) we waited for our take out and you politely said ‘borrow please phone’ so you could play your endless reader beside me.:) At dinner, you happily finished your food w/o any fuss. You even shared lovingly your corn and veggies with me. We laughed a lot during bath time and packed up all your balls and toys after. Thank you for all of the sudden sweet hugs you gave. I melted. You happily trotted to get books you liked to read in bed. I treated you to watch the hakuna matata part of lion king and you placed a pillow on top of your legs while you smiled watching. I watched you twist and turn until you found a comfy spot and drowsed off to lala land. My day was just complete 🙂 I thank God everyday for you #caitlinsoleil 🙂 I love you my daughter. 🙂

Photo by Carlo and Heidi Cecilio

The best gift I could give my family is intentional-quality time. 🙂 Advance Happy Father’s day to all fellow dads out there! Thank you Max for the surprise gift too that inspired me to write this entry on a cozy rainy Independence Day afternoon. 🙂


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