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Play School At Home

Thank goodness for the internet, researching about play school or pre school curriculum is easier to access. Prior to this, I went on a look out for play schools around the metro and I honestly wanted to enrol Caitlin in each of them but that would be too expensive. So I considered to try it at home first. Sort of a test run for myself if I could possible endure home schooling. If it doesnt work, atleast I tried and If it does, then horray for us!

Fixing up a “study room” was definitely a good risk. Caitie and I got motivated to have a routine and be in the “learning zone”. Having access to books and writing materials was a great help for me too. Especially when I am not yet in the “mood” or I have to work on some chores.

I created a schedule or guide for me with the topics I need to cover based on my research.

Today is my first trial run!

Hope this would help Jayjay and whoever will baby sit Caitie after I give birth.

I realized that just by allowing your child to let him/her do things on her own instead of doing it for them, they already learn the topics that is covered by play schools. Sort of teaching them how to fish instead of giving them fish.

The schedule wont exceed 2 hours. Possibly 1 hour even! So anyone can do it 🙂 Some of the topics lasts for 2 – 5 mins. Arts and crafts takes up most of the time.

For writing class, it was a 2 min activity haha! I bought an acitivity book and letter tracing and its something new to Caitie so I think I need to be more creative with this one next time.

For Science, I was more intentional with explaining the temperature of the water while she washes her hands, when she pours water and transfer ice cubes in her glass.

For Practical living, she would sweep the floor and carry breakable plates and glasses from the table to the kitchen. Somewhat learning the cause and effect of things and how heavy or light a glass is if its empty or has water in it.

Maybe I can teach her to give Coffee, our yorkie a bath aside from walking her and feeding her.

Been teaching her how to properly use sharp objects as well. Like instead of saying “no” or “dont” I simply explain it to her. Giving her knowledge is my way of keeping her safe rather than just taking it away from her and for her to obey me “just because I said so” I want her to trust me not because of fear but because of love. Something I want her to carry on when she grows older. Especially on sensitive topics like private parts and sex in the future.

It was a treat to have her take a nap so quickly! in 15 mins, after explaining to her why she needed to take a nap and what will happen when she wakes up, she trusted me and took a nap instantly!

I dont know what subject it is but possible for memory? Whenever we play or sing the songs of Lion King, I would teach her to role play certain scenes in the movie. Like for example, when rafiki raises baby Simba, Caitie would raise her Kitty too! long enough until the cue where the animals start to bow. She takes a bow as well.

Cant seem to find Lion King coloring books or activity books. 🙁

Im quite not the fan of Frozen. Love the animation and beat of the song but when you listen closely to the lyrics, “let it go” encourages you to have no rules, to shut the door and to run away. Well this is just me.

Most of the time, I stop and wait for her to sing the last word of the song to practice her language, memory and music skills. It started of before with the “Hey diddle diddle: song before. I would sing it and stop for her to “laugh” when “the little dog laughed” or say “spoon” when “the dish ran away with the spoon”

For Arts and crafts today, we created a collage for fathers day. I wanted to get a big piece of paper but cartolinas are a bit pricy and sketch books are still too small. So I opted for a “flip chart” the one used in offices. Placed a 13 pesos cardboard underneath it and voila! Love the space and how cheap it is compared to sketch books! Plus more pages!

It was a bit difficult to convince Caitie to work on a collage because its her first time to official create art!

We started with color blowing! It will teach her to have stronger blow skills too 🙂 Plus I just love the effect! Im sure Caitie is catching up on the cause and effect.

Then time to teach her how to join materials together. It was difficult to explain it to her at first and she didnt have the patience to learn but afterwards, she got the hang of it and wanted to do it all by herself. Proud moment right there!

She wanted to play her clay so I taught her how to work on some motor skills like roll with palm, pound, press, pinch, pull!

And ofcourse my little toddler is such a girl and wanted to play some tea time!

Our stairs have numbers on them and we would count them going up. Eventually she mastered counting and would sometimes say the next number.

We revisited her 11 month old fishing toy. This was used to teach her focus when she was younger and to kill time when we’re waiting for poop using the potty.

So far so good! I did struggle with patience especially when she wouldnt want to do something!

But I reminded myself that I need to remember that she is a child and for me to practice self control and be cheerful!

If you allow your child to learn to do things on her own, not only will she grow to be confident and independent, you will also learn to enjoy life. 🙂 Dont get to scared when she gets hurt or makes a mistake. But affirm her efforts and converse often.

Right now, this is keeping my mind off next week’s labor pains. Ethan, bawal mag over stay! Just glad, was able to hold off any physical activity until my OB and Pedia return from their trip! Deadline na!


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