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All About The Loo

90% of the time I would be the one who would give my daughter a bath. It’s one of my father-daughter bonding sessions with her and I think we became much closer because of this. But Caitie would dread this before. She would cry each time we would go inside the toilet.. with no fail. It wasn’t a fun thing for her and she would only calm down once we were out of there. We tried all sorts of “devices” to help like a recliner, and a mini “balde” but they weren’t effective. What worked was a small and cheap inflatable tub that she liked and a paddling dog toy. We eventually transferred homes and found ourselves with a nice built in bath tub!

As she grew up we tried to make bath time more enjoyable by creating a routine! And it goes something like this:

– we start off by creating bubbles in the tub. She just loves it and would get excited to go right in!

– we numbered different colored balls from one to ten and we put them in a basket beside the tub. We encouraged her to put them in the tub and this even made her more excited to get inside! We wanted her to learn to identify numbers and colors at the same time.

– sometimes we would play music also to help her get into a happy mood.

-she loved pouring shampoo and we washed her head and body together.

-we’re also teaching her to wash her vagina on her own.

– afterwards I would let her play in the water for a while and ask her to pack up the balls one by one calling number one to ten and affirm her that whenever she would pick up the right ball.

– I then would ask her where her towel and what color it was then I would pick her up with it.

– She has 3 lotions that we then collect together, one for her face (cetaphil), body (varies from time to time) and her private part(drapoline). She helps me twist open and squeeze them out. She learned to spread also.

– After dressing up is tooth brushing time! She loves this part. Because she loves copying by example.

I think it was around 3 or 4 months that we started wiping her gums with a wet glauze. We did this after taking her vitamins. We eventually moved on to stage 1 of the Nuby brush, then eventually moved on to the 2nd and finally after her 1st birthday, we ended up with the bristles!

We let her enjoy and experience brushing her teeth but as Dra Caparas taught us, the best way to brush a toddler’s teeth is that he/she is lying down with the head on a pillow near your tummy and you brush the upper part downwards, the lower part inwards and the inner teeth outwards. You end this with wiping her teeth with a clean wet gauze so that she wont take in too much fluoride.


Potty training. An alien word that I didn’t have a clue how to approach it. Our goal was to really train Caitie to like going to the toilet to do number one and two. We got a Combi potty trainer that had a handle in front where she could hold on to and be safe. We taught her the sign language of “toilet”.

At times she would use this as an excuse to go down from her high chair and escape meal time. Now that she has stopped used this sign, hopefully we’ll figure out when it would be the perfect time to officially potty train her and say goodbye to those diapers!

We practiced communication also while in the potty. I would ask her if she was done so I would know if she wanted to be washed already so she won’t get frustrated. Also we taught her to pack away her potty on the side, flush and put down the toilet seat. This became a fun routine for her and she liked getting to do this on her own. A high five awaited her everytime.

She easily gets bored too so we got her a magnetic fishing rod set so she could practice focus in picking up objects while in the potty. When she got older she liked reading books while on the potty.

Hope you can also share your potty training techniques. How you crossed over and said goodbye to those diapers.

Currently, the wife is teaching Caitie the concept of “float” and “sink”.

If you have other bath time ideas, do share them! Hope you got a thing or two from our bath time and toilet experience.

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