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Ethan Turns One

Seeing your kids grow before your eyes is just dumbfounding. Shirts shrinking, pants getting shorter, shoes biting the dust, diaper sizes moving up a level.. are just some of the indicators of growth. Ethan just turned 1 month already and I cannot believe it. The sleepless nights, the volcano erupting poop bombs, the fountain of glory wiwi squirts, sometimes I ask myself if I missed all of this. And the answer is Yes.

Having two kids now at home has been quite a challenge and we are still adjusting to it. We are just so thankful that Ethan has been in general a smooth, easy to handle baby. For example, he doesn’t like being swayed. He just likes being set down, or resting in your arms. Lately he likes flopping on our shoulders. His head is quite strong already and likes looking around, developing his focusing. When he feeds, he’s done in 5 mins! Crazy fast. God does answer prayers when we prayed specifically for traits that Ethan would have while he was still inside the womb!

My bonding time with him is when I give him a bath and change his diapers. I do all the dirty work hehe. And I love it. I did those things with Caitie too and somethow I feel it helps develop my bond as a father to my kids. I like giving them kisses and hugs. I will drop things in a heartbeat for these two. Yep my world has certainly changed.

Another blessing that we are just happy about is with our daughter Caitie. Since the day she saw her brother for the firs time, she has been our little assistant in taking care of him. She would always be concerned when Ethan cries, pulls up a chair so she could stand up and help give me cotton when I change his diaper and she would always would smother him with kisses and hugs. She loves protecting him also. She always stands by his stroller whenever we bring him out. And says “no” to other kids who come close to Ethan.. hehe it’s still a work in progress and we tell her it’s ok for other kids to say hi to him.

I guess it really helped that before Ethan came into this world we would always pray with Caitie for him, we would always bring her during my wife’s check ups and we started letting her know that that she will be a big sister already soon and that we would need her help it taking care of Ethan. Because if this we discovered that Caitie’s love language is time and service. She loves it when we get to spend quality time together may it be swimming, going to the beach, going around the mall, or simply just hanging around the house. She also loves being given responsibilities and feels ecstatic whenever we affirm her when she is able to do them.

When I catch myself saying to people, ” These are my kids…” I am still getting the hang of it. My life just got a whole lot busier but just simply sweeter. Balancing my hats as a husband, father, photographer, boss would still have some fine tuning to do but it has taught me to be more responsible and intentional in everything that I do. When I was a little bit younger I had grandiose dreams and goals. Like be famous, travel the world, be the best in what I do, gain awards and the like, but I realized that I just need to be the best first where it matters most.. at home. Thank you Lord for continuing to mold my heart and making me appreciate what is before me.

So to my son, I just want you to know today that you are loved. You are one of God’s greatest blessings in my life. Though you are small, you have taught me some of the biggest lessons that a man can only learn once he has a family. You and Caitie have turned my world around for the better.

Jay Jay

Ps: Surprise Tie-dye Cake conceptualized by my wife, made by Cake Tree

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