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Smile Josie

Tonight we saw a server get scolded and shouted at by a customer beside our table. Usually I just keep quiet and mind my own business when something like this happens. They wanted a slice of brazo but Max only served whole cakes. So there was a miscommunication about it and their other orders also got super delayed. We actually got a whole cake for take out and we secretly said to give our neighbor a slice. But with their pride and anger they just shoved it away and didn’t accept it thinking it was a consolation from the management not knowing that it was from us.

I realized that sometimes I find myself guilty of reacting rather than responding, saying mean words, and rejecting to forgive. And I remembered this truth also, “Hurt people hurt people.” Today in church we learned what it means to respond with integrity and the other day got reminded in a seminar that we cannot out give God. Then felt a nudge from God to just move. He said, “bless her.” Hearing that so clearly from God kinda freaked me out first but it was a big nudge at my heart that I couldn’t just ignore. So we wrote a short note, with an encouraging verse together with a GC for de-stressing. 🙂 We explained to Caitie that we would help our waitress ate Josie who brought us our dinner smile tonight because she got hurt and felt sad. So we let her be the one to walk up to her and give the note and gift 🙂 And she did with a big smile 🙂 Our note ended saying “God loves you.” Someday when Caitie grows up, I want her to remember what happened tonight and how amazing God’s love is and how He uses us to be a blessing to others.

Jay Jay

“Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.”

Ephesians 6:7

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