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La Chevrerie, Anilao Batangas

It’s been a tradition lately with our family to at least once a month to take a break, get out of the metro and just spend quality time with each other. In the past summer we found this resort that we absolutely love. La Chevrerie has been our escape whenever one of us would feel under the weather and instead of staying at home, we embrace the sun, the water, and the fresh sea breeze. And it’s just about 2 hours away from Manila.

Our kids just love it here. They walk barefoot, explore around, run around, eat heartily and swim like there is no tomorrow.

Regular Room Rate is around 11,000 ++

Suite Room Rate is around 18,000 ++

Villa Room Rate is around 22,000 ++

Food here is delicious! I think we already tried almost everything on the menu.

Starters, soup and salad price range is around 180 – 320 pesos

Main dish is around 220 – 420 up

Drink is around 125 up

Gotta love their happy hour when everything is slashed to half!

Hope you enjoy your quick escape as much as we did!

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