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Krispy Kreme 78th Birthday

Sweets has been one kryptonite of the Lucas family as we just love being a sweet tooth! So it was definitely a no brainier that we said yes to a special night hosted by Krispy Kreme for bloggers! The kids enjoyed the balloons, donuts and drinks! Then they announced that there would be a special prize for the most creative photo that night using anything that we could use around the party.

Of course our competitive nature kicked in and when we found out that the prize was a free donut cart for your party.. Ting ting ting! With the kids joint party just around the corner, this would be just perfect! So we came up with this!

And we won! Now that’s the icing on the cake!:)

Here are some fun random photos around the event!

We truly had a blast and on a high with sugar and super thankful for being part of this event!

And that’s not all! On july 13 2015, a half dozen original glazed donuts will go sale for only 78php from 7am-8pm! So be sure to load up with this promo and share a donut with a loved one!

Happy 78th birthday Krispy Kreme!

Love, Lucas fam

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