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Scandi Flipside Party

Having two kids whose love languages are time ( so far!) we decided to create a joint party for them.

Dedicating Ethan, we wanted to involve Caitie how important it is that everything belongs to God, even her brother. And that we as his parents and her as his sister are only stewards or care takers of God’s gift.

I couldnt help but get teary eyed as Pastor Jim shared the story of Hannah in the Bible and what it means to surrender our children to the Lord. That they are not ours to keep but to build up and guide to be the kind of person He has intended them to be.

For their party, we couldnt pin point the theme that we wanted. We both wanted to enjoy and not just host the party so that Caitie would enjoy. Our friend, Rian just came from a trip and shared that our pegs are similar to lifestyle interior stores in Denmark; Oy Oy, Ferme etc.

With that, we decided to have a Scandinavian or Scandi lifestyle themed party. Simple, fresh, bright and modern. One main theme is that each form should follow a function. Something so close to our hearts.

For the program, we invented games where most families could join and chose an educational entertainment: Mad Science. Carts were mostly for “adults” to enjoy their Sunday merienda! Slidder burgers from Burgers and Brewskies, make your own baked potato and cookie station by Little K, (the new brand of K by Cunanan Catering), Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee to match! Also instead of a sweet candy buffet, we opted for fruit stand / shake stand to promote that healthy fun lifestyle 🙂 *Contact details below

As much as kids looove loot bags, I wanted to maximize the budget allocated by my husband for this. So we decided to come up with a book (since my daughter LOVES books!) about opposite. Something so perfect about Caitlin and Ethan.

We couldnt be so happy to share our day with Jerome who hosted his 1st kiddie party, Kutchie and the rest of the team who took care of over seating and Gideon who perfectly executed a modern minimalist vibe that we wanted.

Thank you also to each of our family who have been with us through our journey as parents. Indeed its true that you dont just marry a person but you married a family and this we are grateful.

Caitie and Ethan, we pray that we will make a conscious effort to lead you to the Lord. To look up to Him as your hero and not us. That we are imperfect and we will possibly disappoint you that is why we want you to always turn your eyes on Jesus who is the perfect mom, dad, brother or sister and will always give you opportunities to shape your character. We lift up and surrender our intentions and wants for you, dedicating you to the Lord…for His purpose. We love you so much!


Here are some photos from our Scandi Flipside party! Enjoy! :)

Photography: Little Heartbeat Photography FB: Little Heartbeat Photography

Videography: Notion in Motion

Invites and God parent invites: Bacon Nation Creatives IG: @baconnationcreatives

Printing: Kenstar Graphics

Giveaways: SIDE BY SIDE (Book about opposites and siblings. Written by Feliz and Jayjay Lucas. Illustrated by Rian Bautista of Bacon Nation

Venue: Quezon City Sports Club

Coordinator: Kutchie Zaldariaga and Cecil of Getting Married 09175412749

Host: Jerome Go 09178971866

Officiating Pastor: Pastor Jim Welchel

Event Stylist: Gideon Hermosa

Cake: Cake Tree Manila by Laura Puno IG: @caketreemnl

Sounds: Jamsy


Mom’s clothing:

Ryan Madamba (wide leg pants + loose sleeveless top) 09189144701

Joe San Antonio (window plaid vest dress) 09177964124

Zara (halter top + window plaid pants)

Daughter’s clothing:

Ryan Madamba (tulle one piece dress)

Joe San Antonio (window plaid sleeveless with Peter Pan collar)

H&M window plaid pants

Son’s clothing:

Joe San Antonio (window plaid sleeveless)

Zara baby (pants and shoes)


Krispy Kreme – Jink Magdaleno 09989603061

Starbucks – hemady square branch Gelo 09173248794

Burgers and Brewskies – yummy burger siders! Francis and Mayone Balbarin 09178106291

Little K – make your own cookies on the spot and baked potato by K by Cunanan Catering 09175173378

Fruit stand – diy c/o parent

Ice cream cart – Rockwell ice cream c/o sibs


Gym mat – for rent c/o mom 09178063788

Jenga – c/o teena Barretto life size games

Mad science


Invented by the family. Feel free to use the games in your party if you like. Would recommend the rest except the heads up.

Caterpillar crawl/walkers: ages 2 and below baby sprint! Fastest baby to reach the other parent wins

Elephant Spin: Nannies will spin 3 times, faster person to reach the celebrant and greet a happy birthday wins

Pack up Kangaroo: Families grouped in teams legs will be tied up together. They need to pack up corresponding color toys. First to finish wins!

Lip sync battle: pre selected, most number of audience impact wins!

Heads up: participant will guess with the help of the crowd.

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