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Dearest Family, Friends, and Supporters,

Our 2016 began with a trip to the hospital. Our 3-year-old Caitlin had developed lesions on her skin, and since then, a host of other symptoms surfaced: enlarged spleen and liver, low platelet count, high WBC count, low RBC count, chronic diarrhea and more.

She has since faced a battery of tests and procedures: blood tests, 2 excision biopsies, 3 bone marrow aspirations, 2 CT scans, 2 ultrasounds, blood, platelet, plasma, and Kyro transfusions in less than 2 months.

While a lot of infectious, Gastro, rheuma, skin and more have thankfully been ruled out, she has been living up to her name — “Courageous Caitie” on Facebook — and pressing on day by day in faith with her sunny disposition, despite not reaching a clear-cut diagnosis.

As we seek to find the answers to Caitlin’s yet-unnamed condition from Manila to Singapore, the medical bills are mounting. As of this writing, Caitlin has been in the hospital for over 61 days (and counting), 4.5 million at running cost and more tests and procedures may still be underway. While prayers and people’s continued donations of toys, games, and even breastmilk and blood have been truly appreciated, we would also humbly welcome every bit of financial help that can be extended to us at this time.

For those who are interested to know more about Caitlin’s story thus far, please search “Courageous Caitie” on Facebook and yourpagemeetsmine .com

For those who would like to help financially, here are our bank account details:


Jericho Jose S. Lucas

Eastwood branch

Savings Account: 003520094058


Jericho Jose S. Lucas

Katipunan branch

Savings Account: 3086 4002 06



Jericho Jose S. Lucas / Christine Del Feliz D. Lucas

West Ave branch

Checking account 102600000419



Thank you in advance for your prayers and generosity! May the Lord bless you all a thousandfold!

Feliz and Jayjay Lucas

Caitlin’s parents

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