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When Our Children Reflect How We Respond

After an exhausting day, I casually told Jayjay " I wonder why Ethan is like that and what we can do? He's responsible, obedient and is excellent to do things on his own if he wanted to but why does he easily get frustrated? When I already said "No", he whines and won't stop even if it's not going to do any good?"

He desperately wants to remove the buckles of his car seat and wants to get out. We tell him how much he needs to keep the straps. No explanation was enough. I told him he needed to obey us because we love him. Mommy and daddy are also obeying the law to keep him in a car seat which is there to protect us from accidents and harm. He just didn't stop screaming at the top of his lungs!

I told him that no matter how he cried, I really won't take the buckles out until we reach out destination. I tried to distract him with other things and try to look at interesting things outside but he kept on focusing and whining about the buckle straps.

As a parent, i mostly felt sad that he was going through something unnecessary. On top of being jet lagged with very poor patience! I got irritated with his cries and wailing. I wanted to take a nap while on the road!

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