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Emergency Kit & First Aid

I have always told myself that disaster wont hit my family. I feel that I live in a safe area, away from possible flood, fire or earthquake. Then I realized that every family who experienced such disasters may have thought of the same thing.

With my husband’s prompting, I finally decided to prepare our emergency go to bag.

Gathering items from Ace Hardware, True Value and Mercury Drug during the sale season got me additional discounts on regular items.

Average cost is around 4,000 mainly because of the fire blanket and fire extinguisher. But without these youll most likely be able to come up with an emergency bag for 800 to 1,500.

I admit that I exaggerated a bit but its best to have it ready. I remember when our daughter got sick and we stayed in the hospital for 10 days and it cost us so much. Around 190k because we didn’t have any health card. After this event, we decided to finally get health cards for us and the kids. True enough we were able to use it and Caitie was fully covered during her hospitalization when she caught dengue. And I when I gave birth to Ethan (my blue cross package included maternity benefits but I didn’t renew it this year since hopefully I don’t plan to have another child anytime soon…maybe after 2 years).

My top picks from Ace hardware:

- Fire blanket 1,169.78

- Life kit 245.00 *a small waterproof case containing a whistle, fire starter, compass, glow stick, the swiss knife that has a saw, rope, triangular bandage.

- Rechargable 950.00 light with fm station AND usb charger so we charge our phone


Created 2 bags, one for the ground floor and another beside us at the 2nd floor.

Ground floor bag contains the fire extinguisher and the 2nd floor bag contains the fire blanket.

Assuming I will have to break a down and run down while carrying the kids to safety. Also made another set for the office or van but in a clear box case for easy access.

Bag *existing. And yes, the items listed below all fit in the backpack. I forgot to include a rechargeable fan with rechargeable usb slot for phones with light which also fit inside the bag. bought this in greenhills for a shoot. it was just perfect for our emergency go to.

Helmet P 128.00

Reflectorized vest P389.00

Fire gloves 60.00

Duck tape 276.00

Cutter 99.50

Pen keychain 70.00

Fire blanket 1,169.78

Mask with filter 60.00 *theres a more expensive one around 250 that has a stronger filter

Rubber hammer *79.20

Thick nylon rope 212.75

Eye mask 119.00

Gun Lighter 89.75

Rechargable light 950.00

Life kit 245.00

Whistle 20.00

Keychain light 20.00

Canned good, crackers, chocolate m&ms and water

Still looking for the aqua tablets

Still need to photocopy important documents

Adult diapers *aside from its main purpose, we can use it to absorb blood better than cloth

FIRST AID POUCH (I actually added even if it wasn’t necessary. Made this a more generic go to pouch for everyday emergencies)


Nextcare *existing

Plasil *if you feel like vomiting

Wet wipes



Bandage tape


Gauze pads

Cleansing wipes


Elastic bandage *for sprains or can be used for carrying items too

Triangular bandage *most important for me

Bioderm ointment



Kremil S


KIDS BACKPACK (mostly existing already)





Klas antibiotic


Poncho for rain

Extra clothes





Soap and shampoo

Still need to add our family picture and important documents like who to call in case of emergency

KIDS FIRST AID POUCH *most of these are “free” or the sample boxes

Cool fever

Dolan and Calpol for fever

Allerkid or Alnix *for allergies



Suppository Paracetamol



I plan to type down important information and contact info and laminate it with a neck lanyard just in case we get separated, someone will know where and how to return our kids.

It was fun gathering these items with the husband as we’ve been watching too much of the preppers show LOL!

I hope I wont need to use this emergency bag but in any case, I know we’re prepared.

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