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Please Die on Wednesday

It was around 7 in the evening and I was driving on our way home. We were listening to kids worship on Spotify and the word “heaven” was sung.

Ethan, sitting at the back suddenly asked,

“remember heaven? Remember Jesus in heaven? Mom, I want go there”

I explained to him that when we are done with what God wants us to do here on earth, we can.

But my 2 year and 10 month old toddler insisted by saying with so much eagerness:

“no… I want go there! I want die, how about on Wednesday? How about you die? How about you go to hospital? How about you, papa, yaya navi, yaya bing go? How about on Wednesday? 5pm? I want you die mom!”

Everyone in the car burst in laughter!

I explained to Ethan that we cannot choose to die now. Only Jesus can tell us when we can go there. That when we die and leave planet earth, we cannot go back. That when mommy dies, I cannot come back. I can only wait for him.

I silently thought “Ethan doesn’t fear death, neither should we. He views it as something beautiful and exciting because He can see and be with Jesus finally.”

Understanding something causes you to fear it less.

If we are assured of the promise of hope that Jesus has rescued us from the consequences of sin, which is death then there is nothing to be scared about.

By nature, we are not comfortable to talk about death. Sometimes we even avoid talking about death to our children and often, we don’t know how to talk about death to our children.

But I want to be the one to discuss the important topics of life with our children. Topics about life, marriage, sex and even death.

Live with death in mind. Not in a sad and depleting way. But with the mindset ( and heartset) that you, and I, never know when our last day will show up.

– Cathy Babao.

As parents, we have the natural desire for our children to grow up “successful”. Or we ourselves are drawn to be successful. But what is success? When can you say that you’ve finally reached being successful? Some may use “continued growth” and “continued learning” until our last breathe as our main purpose while living here on earth.

But a recent Facebook post of a friend made me realize what I should impart to our children and even to myself.

The words we need to repeat to ourselves and children are not “be successful”, but “Remain in Him” or “Remain WITH Him”

– Helen Lee

Death is just like a hump, what we believe and who we live for here on earth will be a continuation of life after our “physical death”. And after “hump”, upon waking up, its going to be eternally forever.

Everyday, I make good and bad decisions alike. I encourage and hurt with my words. Recently, I have confronted a person and because of my frustration, I have hurt and humiliated the person with my words.

I tried to process the situation and my emotions. I admitted my mistake, apologized, ask for a 2nd chance and accepted that if the person will not forgive me, I accept the person’s decision to leave.

I was honestly shocked and thankful with my response. It was not “me” or I guess my old “me”. I gratefully thanked the Lord that I responded well despite my mistakes.

I guess going through death strengthened the change in me and live out my purpose to which is to remain in Him rather than to fight for my rights or give importance to the success of something or success of work.

The relationship mattered to me more than the success. The person’s heart mattered more. It is the same way that I want people to put more importance in our relationship rather than expecting me to make perfect decisions.

I will disappoint and will continue to disappoint myself and people but if I continue to remain in Him, I know I will continue to change and that is my measure of success until I reach my death bed and say that “I have lived” without fearing death.

It might be weird to say that there is success in death. But there is. To be able to impart to my kids that it is not all scary and sad, that there is beauty in the promises of Jesus. To let them see an eternal perspective on death, focus on that there is much to gain in Christ rather than focus on what will be lost. To continue to change and remain in Him is to do things excellently here on earth that pleases Him and moves us to walk a life like Jesus. Then we can fully understand what it means when Jesus overcame death itself.

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