Homemade Detergent and Fabric Softener

Do you do to the grocery feeling accomplished when the amount is less than 5k but suddenly it shoots up to 7k because of toiletries? Despite purchasing a lot of greens, fruits a few meats and not buying canned goods and condiments except for a very basic few, I noticed that toiletries eat up a big chunk of the budget. So I decided to try a DIY detergent. At first the consistency was too thick. I forgot to add more water the following day. The second it overflowed out of the pot!! possibly because I stirred too much! and it was pretty tiring to grate the soap but on our third, I think I’m getting it right! We simply just melted the soap and added more hot water. 

*** I’ll update this blog tonight when I get the chance to take photos for the next batch. Posting this as a lot have been asking how. So you’ll have time to go to the grocery! HOMEMADE DETERGENT Ingredients 1. 5 pcs Perla tab bars (preferably 4 white and 1 blue)  2. 1 cup borax 3. 1 cup baking soda 4. Water Cost 1. Perla cost is 100 pesos only for 3 long bars (yes!) 2. Borax (which I buy from Lazada at 245 pesos for 250g) 3. Baking soda (240 pesos for 1b) Total cost is 585 but for 1 mix, you’ll more likely just use up 150 pesos for 40 Liters 

Just to give you an idea, 1 coke Litro is 1 liter! Imagine 40 of that!!!!

Instructions: 1. Melt Perla - at first we grated it but on our 3rd, we decided to just melt the whole bar. Just watch the pot as it might overflow. Keep your flame really small. Use a small amount of water. Just enough to melt it. Do not boil. Simmer only 2. Once melted, add 1 cup of borax and 1 cup of baking soda 3. Pour mix in a pail and add 30 drops of essential oil for scent 4. Using the same pot, add more water and when it simmers, pour to add on the pail. 5. It should product around 3-5 gallons depending on your preference of consistency 6. Leave overnight 7. Add more water the following day. For 1 liters of the mix, add half liter of water. 8. Expect to come up with approx 12-20 liters of liquid detergent Use: Use 1 cup of the mix to 1 load 

Tips:  1. You can White vinegar in your pail. Vinegar is responsible to soften it. Add as necessary or you can create a separate mix (see below)  Visual help note - 1 liter is 1 coke Litro 2. Used our old liquid detergent bottles as containers. 

Thanks it!!! For FABRIC CONDITIONER, it’s pretty easy!


1. White vinegar (I’ve been particular with ingredients so opt to get those without chemicals. Aka NOT datu Puti. 

2. Essential oil


1. 1 gallon of white vinegar + 30 drops of essential oil and that’s it! Use:

1/4 cup of the fabcon mix to 1 load Tips: Some people add baking soda if your water is deep well or if you want a more softer effect but I haven’t tried this yet. Instruction is to add 1 cup of baking soda in 2 cups of simmering water and slowly add 1 cup vinegar. Super slowly! FYI If you’re concerned about the smell, honestly considering it’s been raining lately and I couldn’t try the clothes well, there seems to have zero smell!!! No stinky smell! But maybe I’ll add more Essential Oil in my next batch to give it a better smell!

Do not expect it to bubble. Less bubbles doesn’t mean it’s less effective. 

did you know?

Blue Perla is good to use if you have hard water like deep well or water from the province as this kind of water makes white turn yellow fast. Otherwise, using the white Perla is good enough already. The disadvantage of blue is that it gives a very mellow blue tint. It counters the yellowish. So I suggest mixing white and blue Perla together with a ratio of 4 to 1 respectively. 

I’ll post our DIY play doh next:) 

That’s it!!! Pls let me know if you tried it and if it works for you. And maybe if you have other hacks!! 

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