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Transitioning to a 1 Income Househol

Whenever there is price increase in any commodity, we always see negative reactions about it. With the recent implementation of the TRAIN law, there have been huge effects on the pricing of commodities. As we transition from a 2-income household to 1, I tried to do some more research to understand how the recent TRAIN law implementation will affect us. So here’s my attempt to simplify how it will affect the household of singles or married individuals and provide hacks to maximize our allocated budget for these expenses

One of the good news we have heard is that most salaried workers are now receiving a higher take-home pay or are even tax exempted. The old system looked SO complicated but here’s just what you need to know.

Basically, in the new Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law they have simplified and removed all complicated computations.

However, the TRAIN Law has also meant the increase of taxes on fuel, sugar-sweetened drinks and cars. I wondered what hacks I could do so that I can continue to get the most value out of what I buy for my family. (scroll down to view a table summary of a selected categories which affect most of us on a daily basis.)

One of the daily commodities we use which have had a price increase are sugar sweetened drinks. One misconception is that the beverages that are taxed are high in sugar. Not the case! All beverages are taxed regardless of the amount of sugar – they are taxed based on the volume of their content. So for example one sachet of powdered beverage can make one liter, it is taxed an additional P6.00 – which is the TRAIN law tax per liter of caloric and non-caloric sweetened drinks. While a 1 liter of softdrinks with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is taxed Php 12/liter.

This challenged me to be creative and be resourceful to maximize what I have, especially choosing powdered beverages can serve more and is more convenient. I guess I have always been an idealist trying to look for the good in all things because it can be. But adding something special to the drinks we prepare help us also remember to be thoughtful of others. I like involving my children as this teaches them to be selfless too. These ideas have successfully become a conversation starter! Check out the photos below. Even Ethan could successfully prepare it!

1. fruit punch ideas – Mix 1 sachet with slices of fresh fruits. You can add ginger ale to add a refreshing non-alcoholic spike and a drop of food coloring.

  1. berry sachet + apples and strawberries + ginger ale and a drop of red food coloring

  2. pineapple sachet drink+ fresh kiwi slices

  3. orange sachet drink+ fresh apples and orange slices

2. Extend your drinks without loosing its taste

  • freeze mixed powdered beverages in ice cubes and use them as ice to put in the pitcher when serving so the beverage doesn’t water down

3. Veggie fruit gello

  • mix 1 sachet of powdered drink + gello mix to a cute molds with slices of veggies and fruits. (cucumber, apples, grapes, beets etc)


What’s good to know is that the additional pesos we pay will contribute to the government’s “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure projects which is part of the current administration’s developmental plans for the future.

As a private, non-legislative individual, I choose to see the good side of the TRAIN law.

Here’s to continuing to work because we are excellent in what we do and at the same time, choosing to buy products which offer the most value for my family! I hope the suggested hacks will help you in your household too!


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