23 Resorts Bucket List for 2019

Maybe I got it from my sister who was always on the look out for new and unheard of places. She was always the person you would call and ask for a new restaurant or a new resort! Exploration and travel became a part of my grief journey as well. It allowed me to see beyond my circle and see the possibilities and glimpses of beauty.

So once a month, my husband and i agreed to explore one resort at a time. This is the perfect teaching opportunity for me as well. The kids often come back home, refreshed, full of joy and knowledge! experiential knowledge. Definitely a core memory! 

Lets get it started! Sharing with you my 2019 Resort Bucket list! 

TRAVEL LIST 1: Ybonita Farm and Villa

Status: Experienced! 

Review: One of the cleanest, well mainitained and well thought of airbnb ive been to!

They warned about mosquitoes but during our stay we had a good time (mosquitoes just came out around 6pm. i dont know why mosquitoes always hover and bite me!) I love the long path of trees too! 

Suggestion 1: Make sure to book their Balsa sandbar trip. its an additional 3,500 but it includes lunch, a private balsa at the sandbar and a boat ride. its only 5 minutes away.

Suggestion 2: Do their farm and animal feeding activity. learn about the fruits and vegetables they harvest 

Suggestion 3: Enjoy their bonfire and smores night! Plus enjoy walking barefoot! 

Address: M. Apacible St., Brgy. Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas 4215

Contact Number/s:  +639291347224

Website / Social Media Account: IG: ybonitafarmandvillas

Where to Book: www.airbnb.com/rooms/16931538

Rates: starts at P5,500 / night

* They only have 3 villas as this is a family owned farm so make sure you book ahead. theres a villa good for 4, another good for 6 and another good for 12. 

TRAVEL LIST 2: Landrina Escape

Status: Experienced!

Review: Who needs the Hamptons if you have Landrina! The Interior is perfect for clan or big family get togethers with tita's who love to cook. Care taker can cook for you but maybe the experience is best if your family does the prepping. The beach though is a minute walk but i wouldnt mind it. 

Suggestion 1 : Visit the Pawikan reserve just 1 km away

Suggestion 2: Upon check out, visit las casas acuzar 

Expect weather to be HOT! 

Address: Landrina Street, The Strand Subdivision, Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan 2109

Contact Number/s:  +639178804464

Website / Social Media Account: www.landrinaescape.com, FB: landrinaescape

Where to Book: www.landrinaescape.com/book-a-villa



One Bedroom Villa – P12,850

Two Bedroom Villa – P17,850

TRAVEL LIST 3: Cala Laiya

Status: Experienced!

Review: If you want the resort but private feel, this would be it! I love the privacy yet the service of a resort! Im a lover of good interior and it makes it more relaxing if the toilet is wonderful! and so yes, they have it! that real industrial feel! No bad review for this one! its accessible, pool is good for kids and adults, beach is near, cabanas ready and the lodging is relaxing and comfortable.

Suggestion: Book a massage! even my son loved it

Address: Laiya Ibabaw, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas 4226

Contact Number/s:  +639178839900

Website / Social Media Account: www.calalaiya.ph, IG: calalaiya

Where to Book: Click the “Book Now” tab in www.calalaiya.ph


Garden Casita – Queen: P8,000

Garden Casita – Twin: P8,000

Two Bedroom Casita – P13,000

Photos from the net 

TRAVEL LIST 4: Punong Gary’s Place

Status: Need to plot and schedule

Review: The moment i saw the room with a glass ceiling and the swing over the pool in Rica Paralejo's IG story, i knew it was a perfect place to visit! If only i didnt have to take a plane! 

Address: Hacienda Tinihaban, Barrio San Jose, Silay City, Negros Occidental 6116

Contact Number/s:  +639173271729

Website / Social Media Account: FB: punongsilay

Where to Book: through contact number


Tuesday-Sunday LUNCH. Php 850/head for a 5-course (minimum course) plated meal Saturday-Sunday SNACKS. Php 250/head (consumable) Saturday DINNER. Php 1,000/head for a 5-course (minimum course) plated meal

Photos from the net

 TRAVEL LIST 5: Sundowners Zambales

Status: Need to plot and schedule

Review: I saw this from Marie Faith (owner of the wonderful Kid's brand pottly and Tubby). My family is a beach lover and the moment i saw this, i thought maybe this is the one for the whole family! but theyre always fully booked so you have to book ahead. 

Address: Purok 5, Barangay Danacbunga, Botolan, Zambales 2202

Contact Number/s: 

+639175018224 (Globe Hotline)

+639171333007 (Globe Hotline)

+639399073689 (Smart Hotline)

Website / Social Media Account: www.sundowners.ph/zambales, FB/IG: sundownerszambales

Where to Book: www.sundowners.ph/zambales


1 Bedroom Beach Villa: P9,000

2 Bedroom Pool Villa Left Wing: P14,000

2 Bedroom Pool Villa Right Wing: P16,000

3 Bedroom Pool Villa: P22,000

5 Bedroom Grand Pool Villa: P32,000

6 Bedroom Grand Villa: P36,000 

 Photos from the net 

 TRAVEL LIST 6: Sunlight Island Resort Palawan (Sunlight Eco Tourism Island Resort)

Status: Need to plot and schedule

Review: The room with the glass floor got me. I saw this in Camille Co's IG account where she had her prenup! have yet to double check the other fascilities. Plus i need to be prepared with Palawan. I always get sand mite bites!

Address: Naglayan Island, Barangay Baldat, Culion, Palawan, Philippines 5316

Contact Number/s:zamb  +6322197953, +639979420801, +639175214260

Website / Social Media Account: sunlighthotelsandresorts.com/setir/, FB: SunlightEcoTourismIslandResort

Where to Book: www.myxcaliber.com/ibe/b/Sunlight-Eco-Tourism-Island-Resort#/room


Cluster Single / Double Villa: P12,295.08

Studio Single Villa: P16,393.44

Duplex Villa: P20,491.80

Two Bedroom Villa: P24,590.16

Honeymoon Villa: P28,688.53

Photos from the net

 TRAVEL LIST 7: Nay Palad (Nay Palad Hideaway)

Status: Planning to go by May 

Review: It has so much of that Bali feel. looking forward to experiencing siargao! 

Address: Malinao, General Luna, Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte, 8419 Philippines

Contact Number/s:  +639177017840

Website / Social Media Account: www.naypalad.com/hideaway, FB/IG/Pinterest: naypalad

Where to Book: www.naypalad.com/hideaway/reservation

Rates: Depends on season – https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5aa115831aef1d67819d9e56/t/5ba0d4c10ebbe8fa4be6f223/1537266882790/NAY+PALAD+HIDEAWAY_RATES+2019.pdf

Photos from the net

TRAVEL LIST 8: Balay Kogon

Status: Need to plot and schedule

Review: Maybe when we have some work related in Iloilo or Boracay, we should visit this place. 

Address: Buaya Beach, Sicogon Island, Carles, Iloilo 5019

Contact Number/s:  +639178270445

Website / Social Media Account: www.balaykogon.com

Where to Book: www.myxcaliber.com/ibe/b/Balay-Kogon#/room


Garden Room: P5,800

Hilltop Superior Room: P5,800

Beachfront Room: P7,000

Hilltop Deluxe Room: P7,000

 Photos from the net 

TRAVEL LIST 9: Siargao Bleu

Status: Need to plot and schedule 

Review: The floating cabanas with pool frontage is inviting but im curious about privacy. But hopefully theres not much people when we visit. 

Address: Barangay Catangnan, General Luna, Siargao Islands 8419

Contact Number/s:  +639177724188, +639488690977

Website / Social Media Account: siargaobleu.com.ph, FB/IG/Twitter: siargaobleu

Where to Book: siargaobleu.com.ph/accommodations


The Terraces (2 Single Twin Beds): P8,500

Garden De Luxe (1 Queen Size Bed): P8,500

Floating Cottages (1 Queen or King Size Bed): P18,000

 Photos from the net 

TRAVEL 10: Veue Beach Cabins

Status: Need to plot and schedule

Review: looks like its a smaller version of Cala Laiya. Its wonderfully layouted but again, considering the privacy if there are so many guests.

Address: Sitio Abrac, Patar White Beach, Bolinao 2406, Pangasinan

Contact Number/s:  +639989985863

Website / Social Media Account: https://www.veue.ph/, FB: VEUECabins

Where to Book: www.veue.ph/book-a-cabin-now

Rates: All rooms - From P8,000

 Photos from the net

The following I think are more familar to most people and more commericalized or is considered standard resorts but nonetheless, let's plot them! 

TRAVEL LIST 11: Henann Resorts (Henann Resort Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol)

Status: Need to plot and schedule 

Review: there are families who want to lodge in a more structured resort. i think this is nice!

Address: Alona Beach, Tawala, Panglao Island, Bohol 6340

Contact Number/s:  Manila Office: +632 230 3000 to 04, Resort: +6338 502 9141 to 44

Website / Social Media Account: https://www.henann.com/bohol/henannalonabeach,

FB: henannbohol, IG: henannresortbohol

Where to Book: https://reservations-henannalonabeach.henann.com/reservation/selectDates/19855/campaign


Deluxe Room (1-2 adults): P8,817

Premier Room (1-2 adults): P9,919

Family Room (up to 3 adults): P12,399

Premier Room with Direct Pool Access (1-2 adults): P12,491

Junior Suite (1-2 adults): P13,042

Pool Villa (1-2 adults): P21,032

Presidential Suite (up to 4 adults): P34,073.00

Photos from the net 

TRAVEL LIST 12: Island World Panglao

Status: for plotting and scheduling

Review: looks interesting but i wonder how service will be like and privacy for the rooms. 

Address: Purok 7, Tawala, Panglao, Bohol 6340

Contact Number/s:  +639063758237

Website / Social Media Account: www.island.world

FB: Island-World-Panglao-1295057487206419

Where to Book: https://www.booking.com/hotel/ph/island-world-panglao.en-gb.html


Deluxe Bungalow (1-2 adults): P4,000

Bungalow with Garden view (1-2 adults): P4,000

Photos from the net

TRAVEL LIST 13: Lakawon Island (Lakawon Island Resort)

Status: For plotting and scheduling 

Review: more commercial resort so hopefully well maintained considering the materials used

Address: Cadiz Viejo, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental 6121

Contact Number/s: 




Island Reception: +639175556979

Sales & Marketing:

+639472483676 (SMART)

+639453151113 (GLOBE)

Website / Social Media Account: https://lakawon.com.ph/

FB: lakawonisland

IG: lakawon

Where to Book: https://lakawon.com.ph/availability/


Island Entrance Fee: P350/person

Bamboo House: P2,500

Pearls Place: P3,799

Pearls Place Bunk Rooms: P4,999

Junior Suite A: P5,000

Junior Suite B: P7,499

Premiere Suite A: P8,950

Honeymoon Suite: P8,950

Premiere Suite B: P10,599

Barkada Suite: P11,580

Condo Suite: P11,580

Photos from the net

TRAVEL LIST 14: Casitas de Victoria

Status: Need to plot and schedule

Review: I think this would be good for montessori practicing moms. while i love Industrial, Scandi and clean places, there are those who want to experience the provincial life. 

Address: Punta Fuego Road, Balaytigue, Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines

Contact Number/s:  +63 977 834 2384, +63 917 108 1392

Website / Social Media Account: https://www.casitasdevictoria.com/en/, FB: Casitas de Victoria

Where to Book: https://www.casitasdevictoria.com/reservation


Deluxe Double Room: P7,000/night

Family Suite/Balcony: P14,000/night

Photos from the net

TRAVEL LIST 15: Anya Resorts Tagaytay

Status: For plot and schedule 

Review: We've mostly experienced hotels in tagaytay but have yet to experience this one! 

Address: Buenavista Hills Road, Barangay Mag-asawang Ilat, Tagaytay City, Philippines 4120

Contact Number/s: 

Manila Line: +6326571640

Cavite Line: +63464198040

Hotline: +639985779999

Website / Social Media Account: https://anyaresorts.com/, FB/IG: anyaresorttagaytay

Where to Book: Click “Check Availability and Prices” in https://anyaresorts.com/


Junior King Suite (1-2 adults): P16,500

Junior Twin Suite (1-2 adults): P16,500

Anya Veranda Suite (1-2 adults): P19,800

Anya Garden Suite (1-2 adults): P21,800

Photos from the net 

TRAVEL LIST 16: Paninap Farms

Status: Experienced 

Review: We didnt go for an overnight but just for a day trip and and we loved it! We enjoyed the deers, learning about the bees, calabao roaming around, horse riding. the place is pretty big and i think its even a nice place to hold events. Just love the cool breeze and so accessible! just use a 4x4. 

Address: Pili Paninap Farm, Sampaloc Daraitan Road, Tanay, Rizal 1980

Contact Number/s:  09157877428

Website / Social Media Account: www.paninapfarms.com,

FB/Twitter: Paninap FarmsWhere to Book: Thru mobile number, website, or social media


Inep Room: P3,000

Tagitnep Room: P2,500

Handuwaran: P2,000

Paninap Lodge: P4,000

Extra Person/Mattress: P2504-Person

Tent: P1,2008-Person Tent: P2,400Own tent nightly rate: P250

TRAVEL LIST 17: Amihan Panglao

Status: for plotting and scheduling

Review: so many nice places in Bohol! looks like we need to visit and experience the chocolate hills! whats the best time to visit? 

Address: Danao, Panglao, Bohol 6340

Contact Number/s:  +63384271929, +639372026694

Website / Social Media Account: https://www.amihanresortpanglao.com/en/, FB: amihanresort.panglao

Where to Book: https://www.amihanresortpanglao.com/reservation


Deluxe Double: P6,000

Deluxe Triple: P6,000

Executive Suite: P7,000

Photos from the net

TRAVEL LIST 18: Seapearl Panglao (Seapearl of Alona)

Status: For plotting and scheduling

Review: looks well maintained and thats a very huge concern for me! wonder how deep the pool is!

Address: Ester A. Lim Drive, Panglao, Bohol 6340

Contact Number/s:  +639950228108

Website / Social Media Account: FB: Sea-Pearl-of-Alona-197406647431687

Where to Book: https://www.booking.com/hotel/ph/seapearl-of-alona.en-gb.html


Suite with Pool View (1-2 adults): P6,900

Suite with Garden View (1-2 adults): P6,900

Photos from the net

TRAVEL LIST 19: Badian Cebu (Badian Island Wellness Resort)

Status: For plotting and scheduling

Address: Zaragosa Island, Badian, Cebu City, 6031 Cebu

Contact Number/s:  +6332 401 3303 to 05, +6332 475 0010

Website / Social Media Account: http://badianhotel.com/, FB: BadianIsla, IG: badianisland, Twitter/LinkedIn: badianresort, Tumblr: badianisla.tumblr.com

Where to Book: Click “Check Availability” on badianhotel.com, https://www.booking.com/hotel/ph/badian-island-resort-spa.en-gb.htm


Junior Suite: P19,800

Family Suite: P21,100

Badian Suite: P25,700

Pool Villa: P45,000

Photos from the net

 TRAVEL LIST 20: Happy Beach Club 

Status: For plotting and scheduling

Review: isnt it instagrammable? im sure the kids would love it here! 

Address: Tambuli Beach, Buyong Road, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Contact Number/s: 0917 537 5843

Website / Social Media Account: http://www.happybeach.ph

FB: Happy Beach PH, IG: thehappybeachph

Where to Book: https://www.happybeach.ph/book-a-room


Walk-in Rate

Weekday: P799

Weekend & Holiday: P899

Online Rate

Weekday: P699

Weekend & Holiday: P849

Happy Jungle & The Pink Pool: from P1500

Happy Room: from P5999

Photos from the net

TRAVEL LIST 21: Reál Coast and Surf

Status: for plotting and scheduling! 

Review: if you like flotsam and jetsam, possibly similar feel! 

Address: Brgy. Malapad, Siniloan - Famy - Real - Infanta Rd, Real, Quezon 4335

Website / Social Media Account: http://www.realcoastandsurf.com/

FB/IG: realcoastandsurf

Where to Book: https://apac.littlehotelier.com/properties/realcoastandsurf



Small Cabana: P2,500

Medium Cabana: P2,800

Large Cabana: P3,200


Pool View/Garden View Premier: P10,060

Pool View Deluxe: P10,290

Garden View Deluxe: P8,930

Family Room 1: P21,150

Family Room 2: P18,390


Dormitory Room 1 (min. 12 pax): P32,970

Dormitory Room 2 (4 pax): P11,810

Photos from the net

TRAVEL LIST 22: Masungi Georeserve

Status: for plotting and scheduling

Review: Almost everyone ive known have visited this reserve. Not so much for me but mostly for Ethan to enjoy! 

Address: Kilometer 47, Marcos Highway, Baras, Rizal 1970

Contact Number/s:  +639291323531, +639951869911

Website / Social Media Account: https://www.masungigeoreserve.com/

FB/IG/Twitter: masungigeoreserve

Where to Book: https://www.masungigeoreserve.com/trailvisitrequest/



Discovery Trail (Day) Weekday Rate: P1,500/guest

Discovery Trail (Day) Weekend Rate: P1,800/guest

Discovery Trail (Night, Fri/Sat/Sun) Rate: P1,800/guest

Discovery Trail & Dining Weekday Rate: P2,350/guest

Discovery Trail & Dining Weekend Rate: P2,380/guest

Legacy Trail: P1,000/guest

Photos from the net

TRAVEL LIST 23: Easy Adventure 

Status: For plotting and scheduling

Review: If  youre into glamping, should try this. we tried glamping 2x already and hoping for a better experience. 

Address: Baler, Aurora 3200

Contact Number/s:  +639167677971

Website / Social Media Account: FB: myeasyadventure

Where to Book:


Weekend rate: P4,200 per person

Weekday rate: P3,600 (2 people)

Weekday rate: P1,800 per person per night (for groups of 2 or more people)

Children below age 12 stay for free

Photos from the net

Please do tag me and share your photos and reviews too! If you have new finds, share away!  IG: FELIZ LUCAS 

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