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Connected Living

With so many things on your to do list everyday, wouldn’t you want a seamless and connected lifestyle?

I attended the 2019 Samsung Forum in Singapore and witnessed first-hand how that can be made possible. This year, Samsung is pushing for an open platform that connects all necessary devices through launching new products spearheaded by their Intelligence platform called "Bixby.” It’s more than just a voice assistant. It’s a universal remote control that allows you to monitor and control home appliances like your washing machine, refrigerator, display audio, content services, and even third party devices that are not branded under Samsung!

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So what’s new this year?

1.    The Samsung QLED 8K

The smartest and most powerful TV of Samsung!

Television Sizes: 65", 75", 82", 92”

Remember the time when you made sure you’re seated in front of the television to get the best view? The QLED 8K’s Ultra Viewing Angle Technology allows backlight to pass through more evenly, so there are better viewing angles that are consistent without glare even if it’s daytime. In other words, your seat anywhere in the room is as good as the part directly in front of the television.

If this does not amaze you yet, this television is capable of upscaling and calibrating low-resolution files and source types and optimizes them into 8K-quality content. It also supports ITunes Movies and TV shows app, and Apple AirPlay 2 and can even work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant!

You can also count on it to beautify your home and give it a certain ambience. This means that if you're not watching TV, you can use themes on the television to decorate your wall and play music.

What if you don’t have a Samsung TV purchased in 2018 and below? All Samsung QLED TVs will feature HDR10+, a premium picture processing format. It makes bright scenes brighter and dark scenes darker because it optimizes contrast. It will also support HDMI 2.1 (8K 60P) transmission.

2.    The SoundBar 4K Q70R

Sizes: 43”, and 82”

Imagine a technology that recognizes sounds before you do, so that you can enjoy what you’re watching better. This is how the SoundBar works!

It has the ability to analyze the scenes as they play on TV. This means that it transforms the sounds for you and brings these sounds to a new level. The effect is that you get a total experience of what you watch on TV rather than you just mere listening. For example, if you are watching a sports game, the SoundBar will highlight the sounds from the crowd so you feel like you’re actually in the scene. How amazing is that, right? Imagine how you will never have to feel left out in case you missed attending a live game.

Say hello to technology that considers YOU!

3.    The FlexWash QuickDrive

Who wouldn’t love doing the laundry with the same quality for half the time? Imagine what else you can do with your extra time!

What’s more is that you won’t have to worry when you left out a single piece of clothing. This washing machine allows you to add any item, anytime!

Now how do you feel about doing the laundry with the use of your smartphone? It was impossible back in the day, but the technology is right in front of us now!

4.    Family Hub Refrigerator 4-door Flex

Gone are the days when the refrigerator is only meant to store food, and when a certain part of a fridge is only meant to perform one task for you. Samsung’s new refrigerator was called “Family Hub” for a reason – it suggests that it’s time the kitchen becomes a place where the family can actually connect and enjoy.

With a screen at the door of the fridge, you and your family can enjoy listening to the music or watching movies or television shows. It even allows you to post messages to each other! So now we can say goodbye to leaving notepads on the fridge!

Further proving its name Family Hub to be worthy, your refrigerator also allows you to “control your home” through enabling you to check your front doors, lights, and porch!

Talk about convenience!

I give credit to Samsung for coming up with the concept of Connected Living as their campaign in this Forum. If you look at it very closely, what Samsung is offering its patrons are not just products. They are putting together a system through the products that will help people live an even simpler lifestyle. As a parent, this really caught my attention because there are just days when parenting gets overwhelming. On these days that we need “extra hands,” we can count on Samsung’s technology to do the job.

There is something about the concept of Connected Living that resonates with me. I love how Samsung banked on connection – something that many people undervalue. Our smartphones have done a great job in helping us connect with people over the years, although I know many would argue that face to face communication is still the best way to connect. It’s true that technology also has its downside, but when we use it to better our own and others’ lives, then I think the connection we’re making through our phones is done right.

Since we’re holding our smartphones most of the time, Samsung thought of a way to incorporate our use of smartphone into the way we perform important tasks at home. Come to think of it, since we enjoy using our phones, why not extend that enjoyment in doing tasks which others find overwhelming, such as doing the laundry or maintaining the house?

When this kind of innovation becomes part of our lives, two things happen: one, chores would not feel chores at all, and two, spare time would be spent on bonding with your family. We all lived at a time when all of these were unthinkable. Now, we can enjoy this technology that allows us to make the most out of our time with ourselves and with the people we love.

After being introduced to Samsung’s innovation, I realized how I easily see value to everything that also puts value to my family. Being able to connect with the people I love is something very important for me. This is what makes the concept of Connected Living exceptionally close to my heart.

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