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Managing our kasambahay, finances and our small business

Are you always looking for a kasambahay? Do you get disheartened with the expenses you shell out but then they leave in just a few weeks? Or do you get disheartened that no matter how nice you are, they still find reasons to leave and sometimes part ways in bad terms? You sometimes give in to “emergency advance salary request” which leaves you with shaken with unplanned expenses on your end.  

So how do we really take care of the ones who take care of our household? The ones who matter to us? The first step is actually provided by the Kasambahay Law. This will help us homemakers to practice due diligence in paying government compliances, to safeguard the income of househelp and maximize their benefits without the need for the cash to come out of our pockets.

Or maybe you're an entrepreneur with employees that are less than 10 persons. How can we small business owners take care of our employees by ensuring their years of labor and hard work does not fall in vain and protect our income without the need to shell out money from our own pockets? “I want to practice this but processing the requirements monthly takes up time!”

Well here’s a solution to our problem! There is actually a local App for us busy moms to manage our finances in and out of our home. You can pay for yourself, your kasambahay or employee’s pag-ibig, philhealth, SSS, Calculate, pay and file your taxes, pay your bills, apply and pay for a loan, apply and pay for insurances and even help you or your kasambahay to send money to their family! (yes your kasambahay can download the app and have a wallet and send money without the need to go to 711, gcash, cebuana or other money fascilities!) The Moneygment app can help you with your finances in a lot of ways but let me concentrate on the Kasambahay concerns for this blogpost since this is mostly the problem of every household.

You may view this link for a comprehensive file of the Kasambahay law. I will try to shorten it based of the questions and concerns of most. Following these step will protect you from fraud and protect your household. Step 1: PRE EMPLOYMENT Prior to employment, make sure you request the following: 1. Medical certificate issued by a local government health officer. (there are usually free clinics otherwise you may send them to your nearest medical assessment place. I request the following: xray to clear for Tuberculosis, Urine test and routinary CBC and test to clear hepatitis) 2. Request for a barangay and police clearance 3. NBI clearance 4. Birth certificate and photocopy of SSS,Phil health, pagibig (if available) or voters id. Sometimes I request a birth certificate for them so that we can get all the necessary information and verify it to be correct.

 You can also watch yaya bing's tutorial on how to use the moneygment app! its easy to use!  You can watch it here on my IG TV

Step 2: CONTRACT Most common problems that we encounter at the beginning of the employment where we get disappointed or receive unnecessary rants on their end is that there is no clear description so providing a contract is beneficial. Keep it short and simple. 1. Duties and responsibilities 2. Period of employment 3. Compensation (and date of payroll) 4. Authorized deductions 5. Hours of work and additional payments 6. Rest days and allowable leaves 7. Board, lodging and medical attention 8. Agreement on deployment expenses, if any 9. Loan agreement 10. Termination of employment 11. Any other lawful condition agreed upon by both employer and kasambahay 12. You may add additional

Step 3: Get a small booklet as your record book and attached signed payslips and record bonuses, advances, days of leave etc and make sure they always sign it Step 4: Register them through the Moneygment app (click the link to download)  

Just top up your wallet and you can pay your utilities, bills, SSS, Pagibig, Philhealth etc! here’s a quick demo guide. 

And it’s as simple as that! 

You can just register your kasambahay’s details and pay directly! (For a visual guide, drop by my IG TV for the 5 minute tutorial!)

and lastly, find out the benefits you, your staff and your kasambahay may claim by paying regular contributions! Sharing the links of the benefits list! 

benefits of the different agencies for easy reference -

SSS Benefits website - Did you know that you can if you get sick, you can actually get paid? If you have an accidental disability there’s a coverage too! miscarriages are covered! If you have congenital scoliosis you can get around 5,300 and after giving birth you can receive reimbursement for 3 months worth of work and more!

Phil health Benefits website - there are actually out patient benefits, blood transfusions, TB treatment and more 

Pag ibig Benefits website - housing loan availment!

Pag ibig mutual funds website - did you know that investing in the mutual funds of pag ibig is better than your savings account? 

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